reptilian starseeds

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are there any here, any lyrans or orions, we are not at all bad, I would like to talk to some of you if you are here.

peace and love to you all
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    Wed, March 4, 2009 - 5:37 AM
    I don't know if I am 'Orion' or not, just know I have a fondness for it, as well as reptiles. What do you want to talk about? I may be mixed up ('mestizo' type mixed up) though becuase I resonate with the arturians and sirians as well.
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      Wed, March 4, 2009 - 6:58 AM
      its a long story but I will post some of it here and then maybe we can talk through pm's, my mother had six children, her first son was with a earth man, she then got her tubes tied, but a year after that she started having children again, she starting having what she believed to be nightmares of her being in a lab, some where other than here, the grey's used genetic manipulation on her, breeding five more children, i am one of those children, she has pictures that she drew of this place and of the race that did this to her, the called her a breeder, and wanted to know if there was any other people out here who is also from that same spectrum, my mother is just now starting to be really open about it with us, and i dont know why, but she said there is many others like us, I've know what I was before she said something but was always afraid to say something out of fear of being called crazy, we can talk more though pm's if you like, my experience through awakening has been a very hard one, reptilians get a bad rap cause no one really knows the truth behind it, I am not part of the illuminati, nor do I shape shift, that race is from somewhere else and they are not reptilian.

      thanks for the ear jahara : )
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        Wed, March 4, 2009 - 9:22 AM
        Many of us who came to incarnate on this planet it was given to us to walk a journey that others would define as crazy.. for myself it was to have my dad disown his Am Indian heritage, while the blood coursed through my veins and would not be denied, slip into a Native Rite of Passage vision and have those around me say my visions were not true... carried the burden of thinking I would eventually be locked away until I was in my late 30's, all the while trying to hold sacred somewhere inside my heads that my visions were true, no matter what anyone else said, until at last I came to the place where I just had to say, "I am Indian through and through. Then I just had to rise up and stand defiantly in who I am.... then liberation set in..

        I think it is beautiful when we can get real with each other.

        many of us of the older generation passed through the land of unbelievable horror stories.. I honor you In this place where you have so softly laid before us the fabric of your life story..

        And I am honored to be witness to this sharing,
        thank you,

        here we are in the dance of our creation
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          Wed, March 4, 2009 - 12:13 PM
          celeste1 my mother is also cherokee, and she never mentioned this to her family out of fear of rejection, just like I did for so many years, but once I started seeing the things in my vision come to life every day, I just had to say something, I hope all here try to do the same, we all need to come together and form our union, now is the time, I am here to help and support anyone who needs it : )
          and I thank you for sharing your story as well, all this makes me smile : )
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            Wed, March 4, 2009 - 1:48 PM
            hi there, I am wondering how you would classify yourself as different in any way to others, such as felines?
            I am neither feline nor reptilian, so I wish to learn more about you. :)
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              Wed, March 4, 2009 - 3:31 PM
              hey neil, I like your avatar, it reminds me of a wind turbine, kinda hipnotic, but I dont know how I would be different from others, I've been trying to figure that out for years, I have always been told I'm kinda weird, the felines have so much knowledge, I am nowhere near their level, i wish i was, they are way more advanced than reptilians, from what I gather about them they are the teachers of my race, and a few others, and I really would like to talk to one, because there is so many missing pieces in my mind.

              I think they are guardians of earth, and from what i understand my job is to help those in need of transitioning, but its hard to do when I am still transitioning myself, thats why I'm here, reaching out for help, I hope that answers your question, I'm not good with word at all : )

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                Wed, March 4, 2009 - 5:16 PM
                i read somewhere that reptilians were supposed to be more intellectual and logical, while felines are supposed to be more emotional and compassionate.

                I've read the niburian council website, it's pretty interesting.
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                Wed, March 4, 2009 - 6:04 PM
                Hi Magnetta,

                You help others transition as you transition, you can allow yourself to see change all around in every new now moment, a revolution in every moment is how life works as I see it. :)

                'advanced' is also an idea that may warrant some investigation.

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    Sun, August 29, 2010 - 9:58 PM
    I know that this is an old post and people may have moved on, but I feel the need to post anyway.

    Some of you are not going to like what I am about to say, but be careful, be very careful, the reptilians are VERY dangerous. I am not sure if they reincarnate, but if they do, they would NEVER consider the “human experience.” It is beneath them, they are very intelligent and very arrogant. They consider humans to be like cattle, at best something to be used, at worse something to be exterminated.

    I fear them very much, with good reason and you should too.
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      Sun, August 29, 2010 - 11:20 PM
      the problem with what you say here is that many of us are aware of reptilians as part of the currently accepted notion of the human race.
      many people will agree that we are a hybrid species. our DNA contains so much junk DNA any scientist will tell you that.

      I don't know what bad experience you may have had with a reptilian, but really, it is unfair to tar all with the same brush.

      I would be interested in hearing more about what you say though. things such as where your information comes from and what past experience you have if you are willing to share.
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      Sat, December 4, 2010 - 8:05 AM

      I think there are a lot of humans on earth that have made distinctions or classified people into 'cattle' or 'slaves'. They are running most of the governments. It isn't a reptilian thing. I have no proof of any of the ideas I have about how things work, but the story of aliens coming to earth eons ago and creating hybrid slaves from the hominids or some race already on the planet makes the most sense to me. I don't think those aliens ever left, they are still here manipulating and keeping as many enslaved as possible (not hard considering how we crave a leader who will make all our decisions for us). As far as whether they are reptilian, feline, canine, squid people or what ever, it doesn't matter. What matters is that we stay vigilant to what our triggers are, what puts us into fear and what takes us out, what makes us malleable. What do you want more than anything that you think you would sacrifice for? What scares you so bad that you think about it constantly and pray it never happens? Those are the things that make us weak until we recognize them and look ourselves straight in the eye. And religion is the easiest way to get us because we are afraid to die. I remember something in the christian bible about 'god making man in his own image'. That could be a reference to genetic engineering.


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        Sat, December 4, 2010 - 9:25 AM
        we can be asssisted to unconditionally express fears by way of feeling them in the body and making sounds. rather than just think about them and analyse them away..

        someone said recently that in some channeling book that the 'root' of 'anunaki' is connected to 'anus'.. in that humans perceive the two to be of equal attraction!
        there are many roots to transformation, but expressing the feelings is a sure way to unsuppress what is hidden within us and allow transformation.

        the biblical 'snake in the garden' seems to me to be a reflection of all this.. 'root canal'.. 'anus' both connected to eating/destruction instead of pure enlightened being.

        please remember that 'aliens' or not.. all shares the same source.

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    Thu, December 2, 2010 - 12:45 PM
    I have cats and an iguana and I feel I relate closely to both species :) We are a strange, cuddly family and we all feel the same.

    Orion has also been one of the most grounding, familiar forces in my life. I feel I'm from there or have family there :)

    It's nice to hear there are others with these feelings, too! :)